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Pleasantville, NJ, June 24, 1972

Just a story

By Vladimir Huber

Dark nights of enlightened days
People walking around waiting for dawn to come
A baby-sitter does her job
while the family goes out to enjoy
Daddy says hello and the children smile
Not many people realize
what, joy has come to deliver

From the dreaming in the walking you see the truth
which will lead you to the higher cloud
that will hold you tight, knowing that now
more than ever, you are on your own

Attachments are part of Maya
and Maya feels uncomfortable
knowing that you might go away
It feels good to know it
and Maya can take care of itself

Putting a hand on his shoulder
he walks out to face who knows what
meeting all kinds and getting somewhere
Two years have passed since that morning of scared eyes
thinking that the shiny material
was the goal to fight for

The times went fast, they slowed down
I remember her, ‘cause I remember you
People with people breaking the glass
that strong wall that has kept us
for so long, so far away

As we approach each other
the world starts to change
and realize that the rainbow might be an illusion
but for those that see Maya
as concrete and sacred as the shiny material…