What kind of height is that?

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Atlantic City, NJ, April 22, 1972

What kind of height is that?

By Vladimir Huber

It’s nice to be middle class
It’s nice to be warm, well fed,
loved, even on the surface, and others
It’s nice to don’t know what’s happening
It’s nice to be with the ones that look,
feel, and turn up their noses, like you

Did you ever hear the wolf
howling in the night?
Did you ever see the man with sad eyes
just waiting for a piece of bread
‘cause he won’t even move
when all hope is lost?
Did you ever feel any pain, but your pain?
who knows, maybe, not even you

The lion came down from the tree
and he didn’t like what he saw
The elephant tried to climb the tree
but he was too old and down
The boy tried to feel humane
but he had been for too long
up there in the tree