You have just joined

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Wildwood, NJ, March 30, 1972

You have just joined

By Vladimir Huber

There are things in life
that you don’t want to remember.
There are people that you know,
that you wish you could forget,
maybe, ‘cause you want them back,
knowing that it won’t happen.
There are things in the world
that I wish I had never learned;
they have helped me to destroy
too many people, too many happy moments.

While you walk on a dark street,
and lights resemble many moons,
you can dream about how things could be,
while you look around and see everybody
in his own private, selfish little world.
It almost makes you faint,
but you have learned the facts of life,
so, those cruel things
don’t affect you anymore.
You have just joined the group.
You have just become normal.
Congratulations, stone heart;
I hope someday you can walk in peace.