Jokes and birds

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Bennekom, Holland, March 11, 1977

Jokes and birds

By Vladimir Huber

Surrounded by them, you feel comfortable
you smile and tell jokes
you turn around and give the right answer
knowing that the audience will clap and laugh

Feeling secure on a carton stage
to fly sometimes is not enough
because we can try to escape
but even that from ourselves is not impossible
yet sooner or later we know it’s all in vain

A bird went to a mountain
looking for the peace he couldn’t find at home
the eagles told him to think about the surrounding
«there is a place and a moment for everything,» they said
«yes, but how do I know
when and where I have to be?,» he answered

«You ask too much, my friend
listen a little more
and you won’t need to be so curious,» the oldest eagle told him

Feeling not so well understood
he went to more familiar areas