And love came

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Wildwood, NJ, March 30, 1972

And love came

By Vladimir Huber

It had to happen.
I was waiting for it
and it has made me very happy.
What a weird thing is to make love;
in a way, you lose your defenses
and pretty faces, masks.
You can still fake it, but not so much,
and even if it’s possible, what for?

If we were so close together,
we might as well be honest all the way.
How about that! No, not impossible.
For some, maybe, ‘cause they don’t want to,
but for you and me,
there is a long way to go, so,
let’s see if we can make it
with openness, and with our heads,
looking for that bright star,
which is always lighting the sky,
especially when the crowd
feels in darkness.

Look at me, look around,
look at the sky.
Then, tell me if there is
anybody who can’t tell
what love is.
I like you closer,
but if anytime you have to leave,
don’t hesitate, just make sure
that you really want to leave.
Then, take the best of me,
‘cause I already took the best of you: