And still happy

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Atlantic City, NJ, March 28, 1972

And still happy

By Vladimir Huber

It was in a Laundromat,
when I saw her, just there,
sitting on her wheelchair.
Things that happen;
why to some and not others?
She was smiling, but I felt sad.
The roles were changed,
and, it made me feel good.
I wish I was able to laugh,
while chained to a chair;
if I cry, ‘cause I’ve been chained
to frustration, almost all my life.

She accepts it with a smile,
maybe, due to impotence,
so, I understand.
I cry, ‘cause I don’t accept it,
due to the opportunity of a choice,
so, she understands.
She said good bye,
and a tear had to leave the eye.