Cry, then smile, to finally die

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Atlantic City, NJ, Oct. 4, 1972

Cry, then smile, to finally die

By Vladimir Huber

Everybody sitting down in a whole different world
just like statues, smiling, for nothing else to do
stiff and plain as a can of beer, with some of it, too

Reunion, but cold as a married couple
Passengers in a world of transient illusions
trains full of people taking them where they can’t guess
Airplanes make it faster, but still they won’t tell you

You were going within, but you felt left over
Wrong; let me say that word
Can you see that friends
are to be found, not to be left
like a tin can whose content
has been used and digested? Can you see?

Can you see that my aim for being with you
is your friendship, you, and nothing else?
Why play hardhearted when all in you is tenderness
care and hope for a better world full of love?

Is it that you can’t accept to share somebody
with somebody else? Can you answer?
I don’t think you even know
But I think I know how you feel

Turn around, get a close look at your soul
and tell me if it is not love what we should feel…!