Union and dependency

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Rotterdam, Holland. Dec. 27, 1976

Union and dependency

By Vladimir Huber

We hide every movement
We pretend nothing matters
Grown up people, behaving like adolescents

In a fake world, we are acting normal
if we say something
we mean something else

Are you surprised?
What’s puzzling your mind?
I know it’s not normal to be so close
in such a short time
so, you feel strange

Everybody is separated from itself
and looking for the union in others
There is where the whole thing fails
and when it works
it’s somehow a way of avoiding
the search for that internal union
So, the union can only be found alone?
No, I don’t think so
but dependency can’t be considered as union
‘cause, only when the internal union has been found
we can talk about a union
with somebody else.