Vladimir Huber > Poems > Needy

Santiago, Chile, March 23-24, 1973


By Vladimir Huber

I look all around
I feel lonely as a poor hungry boy
Without success I look for people like you
But, long time ago
people forgot how to be tender

Autumn is coming
and I feel as if I was
in the autumn of my life

I feel like crying
but this is not only tonight
and I can’t be crying all the time

The need of somebody
is the call of love
and when that person is not around
we can’t forget that sadness exists
No matter how hard we try

Tonight, one more night
I try to adapt myself
but, at the end, it’s fake
You are not here, and that’s all

I feel the need of going back
I often wonder
how you will receive me
and if everything can be the same
after all that, that we said

Today is another day
and today I cried
It was a long time
since real tears came to my eyes

I thought about you
and I felt more mature
I think you must be, too
The reunion, if you want it
will be very different

Since we were together
I’ve changed like a flower
I’m not so proud
and I respect people a little more

I hope you can accept
all the things that you didn’t accept before
I mean good and I hope you can forget
that ugly letter you got from me