Embarrassed of feeling good

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Atlantic City, NJ, April 23, 1972

Embarrassed of feeling good?

By Vladimir Huber

Why is it that you feel embarrassed
of laughing by yourself?
Is it that you are so far
from communicating with anybody,
that you can’t even have a talk
with your own person?
Is your mind so alone and far away
from everything and everybody
that it can’t find a smile
or a moment of peace and tranquillity?
Again, more questions that just
might help to embarrass you even more

It’s the fear we carry deep inside
what’s holding us from each other
and basically from our own selves
Fear of expression, primal and others
Let it come out, even if they laugh
Let it drop, even if it crushes
Let your own heart show the way
‘cause the brain has been the boss for too long
and the result is at our eyes