The need of a sentence

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Union City, NJ, Nov. 22, 1972

The need of a sentence

By Vladimir Huber

I look outside the window
and I see nothing, but your smile
Tender at last, your hands searched through my hair
it felt good, but it came in the last minute

Our last two days, and even more
our last two hours, were like the last two hours
of a criminal sentenced to death
and my crime was to be wanting you with me

I didn’t die
but I am paying the sentence of being in some pain
by guessing about the day when I’ll see you again
I wish you closer, but it’s a dream
at least, until I can tell you that we got the OK

I go to visit different places and many people
and you come with me, even though you don’t know it
I don’t feel the need of anyone else, but you
love, surprising me and others, has freed me