How many sunsets before the smile?

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Atlantic City, NJ, Nov. 16, 1972

How many sunsets before the smile?

By Vladimir Huber

How many nights crying do you have to have
before you see that life is much more than weeping?
How many sad people do you have to have around
before you see that their answers might not be yours?
For how long do you have to go on a road
before you see that there are better ways to get there?
Questions without answers
Answers with blind questions

You see a child and you see him crying
You look at the mountain and you see it cold
You look at the sky and you see it raining
You look at yourself and you wish you hadn’t looked

You can’t get somebody else’s truth
but at least you can see that somebody found
a better road for himself
It might give you a hint
It might tell you that common people
can find the way to get closer to there

Maybe, the weeping is necessary
It has been useful to many
and if you heard that, you might be enjoying it
but still, enjoyment also has other faces
much brighter, much fresher, much tastier
Much more like the smile of a child