My feelings

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Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife,
Islas Canarias, Nov. 2, 1974

My feelings

By Vladimir Huber

If my heart beats
at the same rhythm as yours
If I love you
with a more mature intensity than before
If even the time passed
I can still feel your breath
close to mine

Tell, my love
if I can be at peace
knowing that something
is going on with you there
something that I can only guess

There are things in life
that a man shouldn’t hide
One is his love
for someone or something
Why should I hide mine?
Why should I remain silent?
Why shouldn’t I do something
to obtain from you a word
whether it was bitter or sweet?

Should I fall back and wait
maybe a month or two
or more, or forever?

A boy wanted a candy
but he couldn’t buy it
When he had the money
he didn’t want it