Don’t avoid happiness

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Atlantic City, NJ, April 3, 1972

Don’t avoid happiness

By Vladimir Huber

We have been striving for that moment,
all of our lives.
We have been thinking that,
union is what we want.
We have been telling ourselves
of how beautiful it would be,
to find that peace of mind
in any given condition;
yet, when it happens,
we run away like
a scared rabbit from the hunter,
and just because we have been
all of our lives in darkness,
we can’t take a sudden
moment of enlightenment.

Like she said:
«Give me time, I’ve got to get used to it;»
we all have to get used to it,
‘cause happiness is a natural state,
and not a strange feeling
that we should fear so badly.
Instead of receiving it with enjoyment,
we don’t know what to do.
Let’s see if our independence was real,
and let’s try to be natural,
‘cause the moment for
our consciousness to get higher
has arrived,
and I don’t think that
we’ll be able to hold it any longer.