You said you have found the way?

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Atlantic City, NJ, Oct. 3, 1972

You said you have found the way?

By Vladimir Huber

Millions of words, slogans and plans
coming out of your system
like a deathless stream
giving birth to plants, trees and birds

You walk to me telling me
about the sunrise and the stars
about the moon and the moonshine
I asked you, what about?
but you don’t hear me
I have lost you long time ago

Dreams of dreams
doings of nothing
in your ethereal world
you swear about your accomplishments
while the needs around smash your face
‘cause you can’t hear a baby crying from hunger
two brothers killing each other in war
millions of old people being left over
just because it’s not profitable to take care of them
imperialism in it’s highest performance
trying to appear as charity
and all in the name of Justice, Democracy and God

No, but everything is OK
Well, it couldn’t get worse
Of course, ‘cause you can’t feel it
in your castle of painproof glass
feelingproof material
It keeps you away and warm
while all the rest goes on and on
with the approval of your silence

Wake up morning bird
Sing the tune that your mission carries
Bring the light that you can’t even see
Break the stained glass that keeps you turned off
Plug yourself into the world
and give that look that doesn’t need words
Kiss the clouds knowing that they are clouds
Swim the rivers tasting the water
Hug me, ‘cause I am your brother and everyone else, too
Come to the joy of life
without forgetting the pain that we have produced

Just give me a smile
and I’ll be in peace