Why so alone?

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Atlantic City, NJ, Sept. 23, 1972

Why so alone?!

By Vladimir Huber

She kept on moving, looking
without being satisfied
Nothing or nobody was good enough
She would sing:
«I can’t get no, satisfaction»
She was scared of being satisfied
Terrified of being tied down
of being ordered to follow
her feelings and stronger vibes
which she avoided very well

Feeling guilty of recognizing her feelings
like the Steppenwolf, she was fighting
against that true Self
that was pushing hard, to become
Help? Never; what an insult!
She would do it alone
maybe, very alone

In a cold winter night
or a lonely autumn afternoon
she would realize that she won
but the battle wasn’t worth it
‘cause what she killed was her Self
and she did it all alone
very alone, too alone