Plenty of time

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Playa de las Américas, Tenerife,
Islas Canarias, March 7, 1975

Plenty of time

By Vladimir Huber

There is plenty of time to hurt each other
We have the rest of our lives
to do with ourselves and the rest of the people
whatever we want
‘cause remember, brother, that we are free

We live in this occidental paradise
where we are all equal
and where we all care for each other
not because somebody tells us
but because it comes from within

Do you recall the scream of starving children?
Do you remember when they stepped on your mother
just because she was a dirty black or yellow
or didn’t agree with the King’s religion?
Maybe you were too little then
I’m not saying you have grown up, but at least
your body has become larger
and that’s what counts at the end
Isn’t it?