And the angel came to greet me

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Union City, NJ, Nov. 20,1972

And the angel came to greet me

By Vladimir Huber

As I walk the path of the thousand glories
an angel comes to greet me by the side of the road
It’s not a conventional one
it could be taken as a loose one
like the ones that God has been losing lately

He looks at me and asks me a question
I answer and greet him back, offering him hospitality
He is with me, and not too many words are spoken
He is with me, knowing that a mutual growth has started
something strange and new

He leaves, having a feeling of coming back
He goes around looking for fresh adventures
having in his heart part of my soul
Many moons with sad sunshines come to me

As I walk still, in a world of Celestial Harmony
the angel recognizes the need in the call
and comes to greet me by the side of the road
Overjoyed, I recognize his simplicity, like a child

Reunion, is the sun and the moon walking together
without disturbing each other with their own lights
And so, it almost happened

We spent some time together
‘cause we knew that there was a lot to enjoy
and maybe, much, much more to learn

Painful times of blessed happenings
White doves with strange looking customs
Seagulls and birds not showing the flight
to finally tell you, that you were the bird

As I ascend in the sky
I contemplate what’s behind
and you, my angel
are in the past, in the present, and in the future
‘cause as long as there are roads to walk on
I know that you, the angel with the baby hands
will come to greet me on the way