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Flight from Buffalo, New York,
to Los Angeles, Calif., Dec. 2, 1972

Apple is union

By Vladimir Huber

Something is helping us to make us leave each other
and when it happens, you look at me with sad eyes
telling me that you will miss me
Before, you had no evident interest in me

When you open an apple, you can see its heart
When I leave you, I can see how you feel
The apple won’t open itself to show what it has
You wait until we are cut open, until there is no chance

Even that I might see you soon
the departure should be more definitive than before
We both need it, we both know it
We need to grow, until we are not ashamed of saying:
«I care for you, almost as much as I care for myself»

If our roads join us together, again
we should be just one apple, you one half – me the other
Your heart and my heart making one
I would always be seeing your heart open to me
and our feelings wouldn’t have to be found
They would always be present

Remember, apple is union
At the same time, you would always have your half.