Rain and sunshine

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Atlantic City, NJ, Oct. 1, 1972

Rain and sunshine

By Vladimir Huber

The party is over
the music is gone
the people look tired
their faces are smooth and calm
some just move around
looking for what was left

You look at me, I look at you
Smiles are present
but not as they used to be
You don’t caress my hair
or kiss my ears
as it used to be

I try to forget what you used to do
but it’s hard to forget the honey
when it was tasted
after being so needed, for so long

Dreams of sweet nights with smiling days
Dreams of sunrises on South American beaches
you and me tangled with the sand
with that music that you only hear
when you feel the warmth of life
pushing the clouds away

Papa and Mama waiting at home
with the meal on the table
ready to be served
Reunion overflows
and understanding floats around

You look at me, I look at you
and you understand that we made it, and good
and it seems like a dream
thinking of how hard it was
to keep the flame going on

But all that is gone my love
The storm has passed
and we see sunshine all over
but mainly, within