I had to be there

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Atlantic City, NJ, April 15, 1972

I had to be there

By Vladimir Huber

The vibes were so strong,
that I had to feel them
like in a dream of warmth,
togetherness, totalization, lifting.

I knew I had to be there, that night,
‘cause the pull was too strong
and I just couldn’t stop it.
I am glad I heard the voice,
now that we need it more than ever.

The time has come,
and no one can or should stop it.
It’s about time to think as one,
when the destruction has lasted
for too long, and to start getting
that necessary feeling of creation.

Only when we feel creation,
we can stop destruction
with competition on its side,
after been trying just for one of us
we might as well try something as a group,
‘cause if we are together,
we better see it that way.