Searching for something impossible

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Union City, NJ, Nov. 25, 1972

Searching for something impossible

By Vladimir Huber

The more I find out about myself
the more amazed I become
For a long time I’ve been trying to know about you
but I’m ready to give up

Is it that we have been trying for something impossible?
At least in trying we found much
and even that many times it was painful
the joy was much greater, be sure of that

I still look at the future as if it didn’t exist
which in a way is true, but I mean something else
I see you and me, and I can’t tell
what the future will provide

I used to be so sure of tomorrow
but now, a little humbler
through teachings and accidents
things don’t seem so clear or certain
I tend to place myself in a not-so-controlled position
but the effort remains.