Lover? Too simple

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Hollywood, Calif. Dec. 10, 1972

Lover? Too simple

By Vladimir Huber

Lovers of the world, keep on riding
the roads are smooth and thirsty for you
Everybody is waiting and anxious to see you on
It might be rough sometimes, but you know what’s your job

You don’t know where to go, who to turn to
The crutch seems lost, but remember it was just a crutch
Go within, ‘cause That never dies
Find your Self, and you’ll never be left alone

In the middle of the turmoil there’s an island of tranquility
Stepping on it brings a hand to hold on
How to reach it? Open your eyes, it’s right there
So simple? That’s the problem. Too simple for us
You know how we are

An old man one time said: «Open your heart and your mind,
and you will find the answer to all that you might want to know.
Just give to your heart and mind, a little time.»
The old man never got to be known, of course
He was too simple