Vladimir Huber > Poems > Settledness

Hammonton, NJ, March 26, 1972


By Vladimir Huber

‘Cause he brought me up,
and played the music for me.
‘Cause he helped me
to find the way of tranquility;
there, where everything is beauty.
‘Cause we are all one,
feeling the warmth of love,
and appreciating the absence of hatred.
‘Cause I love you,
for what you are, and not
for what I would like you to be.
‘cause we love love, and all.

It’s the dream of the farmer,
when he waits for harvest.
It’s the dream of the boy,
for his grown-up times.
It’s the dream of the meditator,
while he’s getting higher and higher.
It’s the meditator, the one
who’s living his dream;
and the one who doesn’t see
happiness as a dream,
‘cause he’s in the dream, already.

A cloud is a cloud,
and a dog is a lousy dog,
unless beauty comes along,
and pureness behind, following;
then, the cloud and the dog
are holding hands, kissing each other.

Clear eyes, clear future.