Hey Lord, how about me?

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Atlantic City, NJ, Sept. 30, 1972

Hey Lord, how about me?

By Vladimir Huber

Too many nights I preached
Too many nights I cried
Too many nights I waited
for my woman to come home
Lord, don’t I deserve a rest?

Hunger, loneliness and the cold weather
chased me around all my life
Knulp was my partner and the moon, my wife
dreams and adventures, my food
and the sunshine of youth
the fuel that kept me on and on

I am not saying I wanna die
but I want to be home
with blankets around my legs
a fireplace singing to me
and lighting my cold nights
A warm hand caressing my forehead
with sweet lips embracing my warmth

I might be asking too much
but in the asking you find the hope
and I haven’t got all this pain for nothing