The moment has come

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Atlantic City, NJ, Oct. 1, 1972

The moment has come

By Vladimir Huber

‘Cause the world needs you
with crying frosted hands
extended to you, offering help
assistance and anything we might need
to make that dream come true

You walk the country alone
knowing that the hearts of the people
are fused to your heart
‘Cause you have a heart
and that’s why people love you

Too many promises for too long, we heard
Too many defeats our beliefs suffered
Too many Trickies in Power
despite the pleads of the people

Don’t you dare do that to us
and if we give our lives to you
it’s because we trust a man like you

George, come to us, come to me
come to yourself
arrive to that waited place and moment
The need is greater than they think
It’s more urgent, and it can’t be seen
from the ivory towers
from where they have been preaching
taking and ripping, giving while taking double

Let’s start a new era
with your leadership
coming from the people from everywhere

Teilhard said:
«The age of Nations is past
our goal, if we don’t perish
is to build the earth»

He said it long time ago
but the time to do it is now

George, look at us
don’t we deserve
what you and us want to do for everybody?