Is there a time to enjoy?

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Hollywood, Calif. Dec. 10, 1972

Is there a time to enjoy?

By Vladimir Huber

How come, when I’m starting to get used to something
I have to move on?
How come, when the sunshine is getting warm
the night comes so strong?

So you say, it’s life; but that’s not enough
and it doesn’t have to be that way
They might be Teachings
but, can I stop learning for a while
and be able to enjoy what I’ve been learning for so long?

You smile at me from the distance
and you breathe with love and understanding
I feel your warmth so alive so much with me
but I also want to feel you, touch you, talk to you
Is that, too much to ask?

What do I have to do, to enjoy the people I’ve learned to love?
How is it, that when we start to know each other in a deeper way
a wave comes along and washes us away
to shores that we never heard of?

It’s good to feel humble, but…