The begging child

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Madrid, June 6, 1975

The begging child

By Vladimir Huber

Beg, beg, sweet little child
for someone who’s so far from you
for someone who doesn’t have
the courage to be with the one she loves

Begging is the story of mankind
going from one master to the next
people are getting tired of that and rebelling
Indians and Negroes, Asians and the poor ones
don’t want a boot on their necks any longer

That way this little child feels
when he has to beg for someone he loves
Maybe he should give her time to realize
‘cause even though she knows
family pressure and circumstances
don’t advise her to join the one she wants

Sad to see young people preferring security
over adventures and love
even if it’s not with the house
the kids and the whole bit
While I see kids dying for their ideals every day
it makes me sad to think of her
just waiting for sunsets and singing birds