Do we understand it?

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Los Angeles, Calif., Dec. 5, 1972

Do we understand it?

By Vladimir Huber

Tenderness is shivering in your pocket
from being left alone, forgotten and unused
She tries to reach you and you feel it
but that would take too much pride away
and you just can’t afford that

As you walk through life with half a smile on your face
and you try to understand why some mornings look blue
as if there was no sunshine anymore
I think of you, wandering if you know
how much you helped to hide the sun

Look back, sweet expression of the earth
and tell me if you feel better or worse
Don’t get the blues unless they are really with you
Don’t say you are riding on a bumpy road
just because you have found a bump on the road

It might seem that your old man is talking to you, now
but we know why we get mad or nice with each other
or why, sometimes you feel like a mother, and I, like a father
You feel the need to see me getting better and you know how I feel
That’s why, if we are together, we might as well be all the way

You don’t have your innocent scared eyes anymore
I know how you feel, even that it frightens you to do so

By the time you would like to show the picture
you might not be able to
and that would be sad

While there is water, let’s drink it
While there is fire, let’s get warm
While there are mountains, let’s go to climb them
And while we are alive
let’s remember that we were put on earth
for a little more than just breathing.