Where were you?

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Atlantic Comm. College, Mays Landing, NJ,
Atlantic City, NJ, March 22-23,1972

Where were you?

By Vladimir Huber

Where have you been all these years,
while the music has been playing,
just for him, just for me,
just for you, just for everybody?
Where have you been all this life,
while the good vibrations,
are bringing and creating
good karma all around?
I wonder what I should do,
‘cause there are so few
that can listen to the music,
of the pure river, of the bird,
of the ocean, of everything
chanting to all
and from it all,
‘cause that’s the only way, now.

Where was I, that I came late
to the party?
Where were my loved ones,
if there was any?
Where were my enemies,
that for sure, were too many,
from me and from themselves?

Now the music is playing,
is playing from within,
and it’s possible to hear it,
‘cause now it’s really playing.
How come nobody told me or showed me,
how to turn the switch to ‘on’?
Questions and more questions,
about something that’s gone,
and very gone.

A hundred years of solitude,
it reads;
and believe me, it felt that way.
God bless the child, it says,
who has his own mind.
What a dream, that will arrive,
right where we are,
‘cause life is too different,
from the hatred we know.

A hundred years of love,
might read,
the story of our lives.