Loving a stranger

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Buffalo, New York, Dec. 2, 1972

Loving a stranger

By Vladimir Huber

As Nature grows brighter, giving more to enjoy
my partner grows older, giving me less to…
As the end comes closer, a relief is in sight
The ring around my neck shouldn’t grow tighter

I look out the window and her smile is no longer present
Only the trees and the snow and the bushes around
give me that look, like saying: «In us you should trust»
At least, they will always be present, with a smile
as long as I can see it

We leave another town and the love story is still on the screen
The ice that covers the streets is caressing our Selves
They don’t seem to be bothered; it’s sad
After so long the glass cage remains intact
and the islands keep the crust as if time had stopped

I think of the seasons and I remember the snow melting
I think of a heart covered with dirt and stone
The stones hit my face and the dirt dries out my tears
Feelings of sensitivity finally arrive
as each day gives me a surprise