It’s just a moment

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Atlantic Comm. College, Mays Landing, NJ,
Atlantic City, NJ, March 22-23,1972

It’s just a moment

By Vladimir Huber

It gets to the point
when you give up,
‘cause nobody knows
why you do all this.
It gets to the point
when the people around you,
don’t know either
why they do, what they do.
You stop to think,
but you can’t even think.
You try to move,
but you are tangled enough.
Things don’t look as before,
that for sure,
and you start to realize it.
Changes are frightening,
and we all know that.
We are animals of habits,
of easy learned ways,
so, when the mountain is passed,
we are not too sure
about opening the eyes,
to discover the new valley.

I can’t think much right now,
‘cause I am tired,
but tomorrow maybe,
who knows, I might be clearer.
It seems, that in all this confusion,
there is a known way to follow,
which will come to us,
with the movement of the sun.
Of course,
some can’t wait that long;
in that case,
the sun might rush for us,
and if he doesn’t,
we might go on his way.

Sunny days, sunny nights;
birds and trees, all around.
People, just waiting for the rain,
‘cause the rain will never come.
Sunny people in dark days,
stars in an ocean of noise.
Bright little candles,
that might shine for us,
with some contagious karma.
We look for sunny days,
as we look for love;
running around
looking for the candles,
while the candle is in ourselves.