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Union City, NJ, Nov. 22, 1972

About going back

By Vladimir Huber

As I walk through the road of my Destiny
I see faces that gradually start turning familiar
As I like my Self a little more and accept it for what it is
friendlier people come to me from all directions

I don’t know how to take it, but for sure it feels good
Many dilemmas are no longer existing
they went away, like the clouds in early spring
Spring and springing, coming and turning, joining and dying

Old man gives me a young look in an ageless place
Towers of nonexistent fortunes surround you tight
City of contrasts, with Broadway and Harlem, dope and Christ on stage
I look around
but I just see the people I’ve seen everywhere else

Sad, the urge for going becomes greater
I feel I am not escaping, just leaving to be stronger
as I said more than two years ago, and right
Going back, going back, a place where the new one will appear

Maybe too expected, too anxiously received
Maybe deception will follow with cautious looks
Beware, said he, and I can understand why
A blue horizon can bring a truer Self, and that’s all that matters.