The wanderer

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Hollywood, Calif. Dec. 12, 1972

The wanderer

By Vladimir Huber

When you love a wanderer, you can’t give all of yourself
‘cause you know that it won’t last too long
He came, he stayed, and he is ready to go
to other arms, to other warm kisses around his neck
You know it, but you wish that you could forget it

Too many nights you dreamt of being part of him
Too many mornings waiting for some loving words
while he was somewhere, who knows with whom
The wanderer kept on walking, and you with your eyes in tears
saw him smiling getting closer, to give you the good-bye kiss

How can you show yourself, if he won’t have time to do the same?
All this, wanders in your mind
more than what he wanders around the world
But still, you open yourself to him and you show him your heart
in a way that you didn’t do to many
who offered you much more in return
What a risk! Don’t gamble my girl, some would say. You smile, and…