Remember you are my friends

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Atlantic City, NJ, April 22, 1972

Remember you are my friends

By Vladimir Huber

You get in trouble, but I don’t mean bad
Your friends seem surprised and distant
You forget everybody for a while
The ones that were with you
you still love them,
but things are changing
and that’s because you are changing
They don’t seem to notice it
even you wouldn’t mind to tell them

Yes, I love you, friends
I just want to be on my own for some time
Please don’t be sad or mad, there’s no reason
You might have enjoyed my company
as papa did, but things change
and I am just going inward
It won’t be too long, and then
I’ll be back to you all, I hope
Just give me the old smile
‘cause I need it to go on
You saw me for long, please don’t be like her
just remember that we can be like birds