El Padrino

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Atlantic City, NJ, March 23, 1972

El Padrino

By Vladimir Huber

I saw him,
he said to go ahead.
He didn’t see me;
he didn’t even know
where I was.
Even if he knew me,
it wouldn’t make much difference.
You know,
one of those things;
I guess, funny things.
The eagles with the eagles.
You know,…

He started to lose
One after the other.
It was sad,
I can’t deny it.
After all they were people,
part of it all.
I had to be sad;
I guess, you too.
Didn’t you?
Maybe you didn’t
maybe nobody did.
Maybe that’s why.

That… how did it start?
How could I know?
Well, insecurity, I guess; what else?
I guess, machismo, too.
Why not? I know him well.

It happened what… you know…
Nature takes care.