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Santa Monica, California, May 1996
History of Loving

Vladimir Huber

By Vladimir Huber

Vlad’s creation
conception – birth
fish vs. human
resolution: it’s OK to be a tadpole

Erik Erikson’s Stages of Development
birth – 18 months
trust vs. mistrust
resolution: hope/optimism

18 months – 3 years
autonomy vs. shame and doubt
resolution: self-control and willpower

3 – 6 years
initiative vs. guilt
resolution: mature sense of purpose

6 – 12 years
industry vs. inferiority
resolution: sense of self as competent

12 – 20 years
identity vs. identity confusion
resolution: fidelity = being true to yourself

20 – 35 years
intimacy vs. isolation
resolution: loving

35 – 65 years
generativity vs. self-absorption
resolution: sense of caring for and about others

65+ years
integrity vs. despair
resolution: wisdom