By Vladimir Huber

When I was completing my Master’s program in Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, California after having completed a course on John Bradshaw’s genogram, which is like a detailed family tree (book, Family Secrets) we were asked to write a creative autobiography, with text, photos, and anything else we wanted to include in it.

One of the tools we could use was Erik Erikson’s 8 stages of development. I added a previous one to the first one, starting at conception, instead of birth, since during my training as a breathwork facilitator with Drs. Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, we had been doing water breathing to work with prenatal issues. I wrote nine poems, one for each of the 8 + 1 stages. After each stage, we were asked to express our self-forgiveness, which is a way of acknowledging the judgments we make on others and ourselves. It relates to what’s called projections, in psychology.

The title, History of Loving, was given to us by the faculty, as an expression of whatever might have happened in our lives. It was a memory of loving and painful moments, which we were willing to heal. Somehow, I was greatly suprised when I found much joy in the memories, besides the painful times.

So, here it is, the history of my life, from conception to bye-bye.
May you enrich yourself with the story,