35 – 65 years

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35 – 65 years

generativity vs. self-absorption

resolution: sense of caring for and about others

Fame and fortune are with the angels
He and his wife lived together for nine years in Los Angeles
the land of film and television, and movie stars
he worked for the industry, but not too well
he worked in four movies with the American Film Institute
and also with commercial studios
but it wasn’t what he had in mind
he could hardly survive, and again, back to odd jobs

He thought he wasn’t going to be a journalist again
but that’s what he did, for the press and also television
the pay was pretty bad, he had to move on
he also got in trouble for trying to report
what was considered taboo, politicians and corruption
so, he had to move on, back to odd jobs

He and his wife were together, yet passion was missing
they were good companions, and they walked together
life was uphill, specially financially
but mainly at the emotional level
both had been Catholic, and that had marked them
emotions were repressed, as they had been taught
they were together, but not really

Strains started to show in his marriage
he finally went back to school
this time to do what he really wanted all along
but hadn’t found out that it was really that
Spiritual Psychology is the name of the game
say what? yes, just that, you heard it well
and it changed his life more than he had expected
he spoke one language and his wife another
it was already there, but it made the subtle, obvious

He was finally getting rid of anger and hurt
his internal work was solid as a rock
he really went for it with gusto
without sparing any punches, he threw them all
he got in trouble, but he felt well about showing himself
he gradually toned down as his anger subsided
his hurt being healed, there was no more anger
to express, to show, the storm had passed
the pain was a memory, but not a trauma
the baggage was smaller, actually just a handbag
there was not much to carry, and he felt good

He made peace with papa, the main reason for his pain
he made peace with life, which he saw as unfair
but since Jimmy Carter had already said that
well, he guessed he wasn’t the only one in pain
gradually the world was not after him anymore
gradually the world was his friend
he loved, reframed, saw the spiritual side of learning
which was at every corner of the main map

He departed from his wife, time had passed by
they were talking two languages
they were going to two different places
they had to depart, time had arrived
he considered himself fortunate for having been with her
she hugged him in the night when he would convulse
she was his nurse, would take him to the bathroom
because he couldn’t go alone, scared that he would collapse
they would suffer together, comfort each other
hoping that the convulsions would subside

He gradually felt better, with diets, meditation, acupuncture
reading, herbs, mild exercise, and the hope of healing
and the final ingredient would come, therapy at school
one of the components had not been touched, the emotional one
after having worked so hard at the physical, mental, and spiritual
the emotions had been forgotten, but his school was just that
he found himself at the right moment, in the right place
the time for his healing had arrived, and joy came into his life

They parted as good friends, with hurt from breaking apart
but with a sense of liberation, since they had delayed the decision
it was final, each one on his/her feet
they had a codependent relationship
sometimes he was the father and she was the daughter
then she would be the mother and he would be the son
they were growing, so they didn’t need to be codependents anymore

Both grew to be quite successful, internally and externally
she became a famous painter, what she had always wanted
remarried, had some kids, lived in the country
he also remarried, had two kids
became a famous writer, poet, and therapist
built a foundation in Chile
it had a day care center, a 1-12 school, and a university
a total clinic, with dentists, Mds, massage therapists
psychotherapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists
training for judo, aikido, fencing, archery,
a food store, a bookstore, a clothing store, a travel agency
all the stores were part of a chain throughout many cities
the whole foundation expanded to other countries

The philosophy was quite simple
it was what everybody had been asking for their whole life:
a better quality of life, internally and externally
the parents had to study with the children
otherwise the kids would not be accepted
they would learn between three and five languages
have pen pals in the whole world through the Internet
spend a year abroad while in high school
and other kids from around the world
would spend a year in Chile

All religions, races, ideologies, philosophies would come together
have a place at school, in the stores, in the clinic
the kids would work with the land
as a way to promote the wholeness of knowledge
so, they would not have a fixation with intellectual knowledge
they would openly work their emotional issues
at school and with their families
the parents having received the same kind of training
families would work together for the common good

He was finally able to enjoy giving what he didn’t receive
and education for children, full of humanism and compassion
love, honesty, dignity, respect, and joy
his life was full, his dreams had become a reality
he was thankful for such a beautiful life
and the opportunity to serve


35-65 years

I forgive myself for judging myself as unworthy of love
I forgive myself for judging myself as deserving to be punished by life
I forgive myself for judging myself as undeserving of friends
I forgive myself for judging myself as angry
I forgive myself for judging myself as undeserving of a father
I forgive myself for judging myself as undeserving of joy
I forgive myself for judging myself as undeserving of a lover
I forgive myself for judging myself as unable of having feelings
I forgive myself for judging myself as unable of expressing emotions
I forgive myself for judging myself as unable to have a good job
I forgive myself for judging myself as unable to find direction in life
I forgive myself for judging myself as unable to find satisfaction in my marriage

Giving a conference at a Chilean university, 1995.
Conducting a Breathwork session, 1995. The technique
was taught to him by Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks.
His sister Sandra,
her daughter and granddaughter, 1995.
Vlad with a group of friends from
his high school, 1995.
Vlad with a group of people who attended
one of hisworkshops in Chile, 1995.
A small group of college students
at one of Vlad’s workshops in Chile, 1995.
Factory employees in Chile get ready
to start a Breathwork session, 1995.
After the session, they do grounding exercises.
Vlad’s mother in red, his sister, Marcia,
behind, next to her husband and friends, 1995
Vlad at the farm his family used to have when
he was a child. He hadn’t been there in 35 years.
The visit brought a lot of emotional memories, 1995.
At a Yoga-Zen workshop in Venice, California, with
Mark Mitchell, MFCC, second from left, front row, 1995.