Birth – 18 months

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birth – 18 months

trust vs. mistrust

resolution: hope/optimism

The king is here

The king is here
Hear people, the king is here
hear! hear! he has finally arrived
nine months seemed forever to wait
for him to come to be with us

Blessed we are due to his presence
us, humble subjects, his servants will be
blessed we are for the opportunity to serve him
we thank God for the chance to be close to him
finally, finally the child has arrived

How different our lives were before his arrival
now there is hope, and maybe, forgiveness
mother Luchi has given us a Christmas gift
in the middle of August, but Christmas is

Father Kinco is proud like a lion
he knows he has brought the king
to the earth of his ancestors and descendants
the father has delivered, as well
he has delivered his promise of bringing the king

The holly sisters are overjoyed too
they don’t seem to express any jealousy
joy and love with a glow around their heads
is the only expression of their emotions
they can’t seem to be able to utter a word
their hearts are warm ‘cause the king is here

The word has gone around
and they say the president and his wife
will be the godparents, if the king accepts
we pray that he will
in spite of his stature, he’s humble
‘cause his heart is close to the people

The press can’t get enough of him
he’s hotter than Claudia Schiffer
in selling anything in print
maybe that’s why the media
calls him the golden boy
extra, extra, it’s the golden boy!

The baptism came
and the whole country was watching
the streets were overflowing with rich and poor
men and women, children and adults
the trains were stopped
everything came to a standstill
you had to be there, if not
what were you going to talk about
for the next few years?

Some people, the eternal pessimists
say that all this attention could damage him
how naive! of course, nothing could damage him
and if there is sequela in his heart
some say that he will attend a school
somewhere in Saint Monique, up north, some day
where the healing will take place

Healing is what he has brought
healing is what he will have
healing is what he will give
that he will be a healer, doubt there is not
may his heart be eternal, may his wishes be fulfilled
may his joy and glow be shared by all
so that his healing will reach us all


birth-18 months

I forgive myself for judging myself as overprotected
I forgive myself for judging myself as egocentric
I forgive myself for judging myself as self-centered
I forgive myself for judging myself as spoiled
I forgive myself for judging myself as hot as Claudia Schiffer

Vlad during his baptism, with his godparents,
the president of Chile and his wife,
his father and the priest, 1952