3 – 6 years

3 – 6 years

initiative vs. guilt

resolution: mature sense of purpose

The golden child is red

The child is red, the king is red
do not despair, it is not what you think!
it’s only his hair, the color of fire
he wears a hat to protect himself from the sun
is the sun competing with him?
not a chance, the sun knows better

His initiative is starting to show
his mind is showing its growth
the child is bright, a sunny future awaits
the adults feel comfortable with him
will he be a politician, too?
it’s hard to tell, but the conditions are there

His father soars in all fronts
the family is united, prosperous, and cheerful
famous people come to their home
miss universe, the mayor of Paris
the Chilean president, and others alike
the child is comfortable among them all
as they hold him for pictures and reportages

He is getting ready to go to school
where the protection of a controlled environment
is no longer present, chaos might ensue
other children, some even aggressive
might not even care about his redness
how cruel children can be!

He definitely doesn’t like the experience of school
his shyness shows at every turn of the page
time passes by, but not fast enough
he wants to go home, and now
get me out of here, he says
I don’t want to be with these kids
At home he feels safe
at home he can be himself
at home he is protected and loved
at home he feels at home


3-6 years

I forgive myself for judging myself as overprotected
I forgive myself for judging myself as egocentric
I forgive myself for judging myself as self-centered
I forgive myself for judging myself as spoiled
I forgive myself for judging myself as shy

Vlad, 4 years old, with Gladys Zender, Miss Universe, 1956, wearing white fur
at Vlad’s home in Viña del Mar, Chile. Oh, yeah, and his two sisters,
his mother and a group of her friends
The indomitable cowboy at age 5.