The arts in spiritual care

Vladimir Huber > Salud > The arts in spiritual care

Semin Oncol Nurs 1997 Nov;13(4):242-7

The arts in spiritual care. Bailey SS

Vladimir Huber

OBJECTIVES: To explore the role of the arts in spirituality and spiritual care and the importance of the arts and creativity in health care settings, particularly where individuals are confronting life-threatening illnesses.

DATA SOURCES: Professional and lay journals/magazines, and personal experience with oncology and hospice patients.

CONCLUSION: The arts are now viewed as an integral component of holistic care for patients and families. By offering opportunities to engage in the arts and creative expression, persons with cancer can be enabled to mourn, grieve, celebrate life, be empowered to endure their situation, and find healing and meaning.

IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING PRACTICE: Comprehensive supportive care for cancer patients requires the efforts of an interdisciplinary team. Artists can play a role as a part of this team. Oncology nurses must be knowledgeable of the role of the arts and creative expression in the provision of care to patients with cancer and how to incorporate the arts into the cancer care setting.