Healing sounds

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University of Plymouth, Faculty of Human Sciences, Institute of Health Studies, Taunton, UK.

Healing sounds.Brewer JF

Complement Ther Nurs Midwifery 1998 Feb;4(1):7-12

This article explores Guzzetta’s (1988) notion that musical vibrations that are in tune with our human vibratory pattern could have a profound healing effect on the entire body. The question of why music therapy works for some and not others is addressed in the paper and solutions are offered. Central to utilizing therapeutic music and healing sounds with positive effects is an understanding of the principles and theories of sound and harmonics, in order to comprehend its capacity to achieve therapeutic, psychological and physical change. Some of these principles and theories are explored in this article. There is a focus on strategies for the holistic nurse who wishes to use this knowledge to facilitate communication and balance between the mind and body of